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Pokémon Go Deoxys
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The DNA Pokémon, Deoxys is coming again for per week of Legendary Raids. One of many oddest Legendary Pokémon on the market, Deoxys has 4 totally different formes, however solely its Regular Forme will likely be again for Enigma Week. Enigma Week can even introduce its Shiny variant. We right here at iMore have every thing you’ll want to know to tackle this Raid.

Who’s Deoxys?

Supply: The Pokémon Firm

Some of the uncommon Pokémon, Deoxys was shaped by the mutation of an alien virus in area. It takes for various formes: Regular, Assault, Protection, and Pace. Every forme has a unique form and configuration of limbs, however they’re all the identical sort and the identical primary colours. A pure Psychic sort, this Legendary Pokémon is weak to Ghost, Darkish, and Bug sort injury, and immune to Combating and Psychic varieties.

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Moveset range just a little by Forme:

  • Regular Forme Deoxys can deal out Psychic, Electrical, and Regular sort injury.
  • Assault Forme Deoxys can deal Psychic, Electrical, Darkish, and Poison sort injury.
  • Protection Forme Deoxys can deal Psychic, Electrical, Combating, and Rock sort injury.
  • Pace Forme Deoxys can deal Psychic, Electrical, and Regular sort injury.

This implies you will have to tailor your counter groups a bit relying on the Forme you are going through. Since we’re solely going through Deoxys’ Regular Forme proper now, that is what we’ll concentrate on, however in case you have been questioning what its different three kinds appear like:

What are the perfect counters?

Deoxys is Weak to Bug, Ghost, and Darkish sort assaults and immune to Combating and Psychic sort assaults. As a result of Psychic varieties are normally immune to Psychic assaults, having a Psychic sort like Mewtwo or Alakazam that may study highly effective Ghost sort assaults could make your counters last more.

Giratina Origin Forme

Pokemon 487 Giratina Origin

Supply: The Pokémon Firm

One of the best non-Shadow Pokémon counter, Origin Forme Giratina is a Legendary Ghost sort that has seen a whole lot of availability. It has been in Raids a number of occasions, in addition to a Go Battle League reward encounter, so a lot of gamers have at the least one or two powered up. It is immune to Electrical and Regular assaults and takes regular injury from Psychic assaults. Shadow Claw and Shadow Ball are the strikes you may need your Giratina to know.


Pokemon 609 Chandelure

Supply: The Pokémon Firm

The strongest non-Legendary Ghost sort, Chandelure is immune to Regular sort assaults, and takes regular injury from Psychic and Electrical. Whereas it hasn’t been in Pokémon Go terribly lengthy, those that participated in Pokémon Go Fest 2020 had the chance to catch loads of Litwick. Hex and Shadow Ball are the perfect moveset for this Raid.


Pokemon 491 Darkrai

Supply: The Pokémon Firm

The Legendary Gen IV Pokémon, Darkrai would possibly appear like a Ghost, but it surely’s really a Darkish sort, and regardless of being a Legendary Pokémon, it is seen widespread availability. It resists Deoxys’s Psychic sort assaults and for different Formes, it resists Darkish sort, however is weak to Combating sort. When you’re bringing Darkrai to this Raid, you may need it to know Snarl and Darkish Pulse.


Pokemon 635 Hydreigon

Supply: The Pokémon Firm

The ultimate evolution of Deino, Hydreigon is a pseudo-Legendary Darkish and Flying sort that’s comparatively new to Pokémon Go, however was featured throughout Dragon Week. It is immune to Electrical and Psychic sort assaults and, for different Formes, it resists Darkish whereas being weak to Combating. Chunk and Darkish Pulse is the moveset you are searching for on this Raid.


Pokemon 150 Mewtwo

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Immune to Psychic and Combating injury, the Legendary Pokémon of Gen I Mewtwo stays one of the vital highly effective Pokémon in all of Go. Due to its Ghost sort charged assault, Shadow Ball, Mewtwo is a robust counter for any Psychic sort, however particularly Deoxys. You may need to pair Shadow Ball with both Psycho Lower or Confusion for this Raid.


Pokemon 248 Tyranitar

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The Rock and Darkish sort pseudo-Legendary Tyranitar has had widespread availability in Pokémon Go, having been featured in Neighborhood Day, Occasions, and Raids. Many gamers have total groups of Tyranitar totally powered up due to its stats and typing. It is immune to Regular and Psychic, making it nice for Regular Forme Deoxys, however take into accout, it has a quad weak spot to Combating varieties so do not convey your Tyranitar in opposition to the Protection Forme. Chunk and Crunch are the strikes you may need for this Raid.


Pokemon 094 Gengar

Supply: The Pokémon Firm

The Gen I Ghost and Poison sort Gengar has been obtainable for therefore lengthy and in so many ways in which there’s simply no excuse to not have at the least a pair in your roster. On high of that, with the introduction of Commerce Evolution, you may evolve Haunter into Gengar with out spending any Sweet, leaving you much more Sweet for powering up this tanky Ghost. Nevertheless, whereas Gengar can deal tremendous efficient injury to Deoxys, it is also weak to Psychic assaults, so ensure you have loads of Revives and Potions available. For the strikes, Shadow Claw or Hex and Shadow Ball work greatest.


Pokemon 229 Houndoom

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A Darkish and Hearth sort from Gen II, Houndoom resists Deoxys’ Psychic sort assaults. It is broadly obtainable so most gamers have the sources to totally energy up this Pokémon. When you’re bringing Houndoom to this Raid, you may need it to know Snarl and Foul Play.


Pokemon 212 Scizor

Supply: The Pokémon Firm

The evolution of Gen I Scyther, Scizor is a Bug and Metal sort that may go toe-to-toe with Deoxys. Because the strongest Bug sort in Pokémon Go, Scizor resists Psychic and Regular assaults, in addition to Poison sort. Its solely weak spot is Hearth sort which none of Deoxys’ formes have entry to. Fury Cutter and X-Scissor are the perfect moveset for this Raid.


Pokemon 127 Pinsir

Supply: The Pokémon Firm

A detailed second for strongest Bug sort within the sport, Pinsir is a Gen I Pokémon with no evolutions, so very simple to catch and energy up. Ultimately, it would get entry to Mega Evolution, making it stand out much more. As a pure Bug sort, it brings no notable weaknesses or resistances to this Raid. Bug Chunk and X-Scissor is the moveset you may need to your Pinsir.


Pokemon 332 Cacturne

Supply: The Pokémon Firm

A Grass and Darkish sort from Gen III, Cacturne does not see a whole lot of utilization in Pokémon Go, however for this Raid, it really works very effectively. It is immune to Psychic and Electrical assaults, and with Sucker Punch and Darkish Pulse it could do some severe STAB injury to Deoxys. It additionally solely takes 50 Sweet to evolve, so there’s loads of additional Sweet for powering up.


Pokemon 065 Alakazam

Supply: The Pokémon Firm

The Gen I Psychic sort Alakazam has been round since day one, has been featured in a Neighborhood Day, and advantages from Commerce Evolution like Gengar. It is immune to Psychic assaults, in addition to Combating for Protection Forme. What makes Alakazam work right here is entry to Shadow Ball. So long as your Alakazam is aware of that, it is best to do effectively on this Raid.


Whereas there are tons of Pokémon extremely really useful for this Raid, you would possibly end up needing one other Pokémon or two. Contemplate one or two of those back-ups:

  • Genesect with Fury Cutter and X-Scissor.
  • Alolan Muk with Chunk and Darkish Pulse.
  • Weavile with Snarl and Foul Play.
  • Banette with Shadow Claw and Shadow Ball.
  • Absol with Snarl and Darkish Pulse.
  • Escavalier with Bug Chunk and Mega Horn.
  • Mismagius with Hex and Shadow Ball.

Shadow Pokémon

The rebalance of Shadow Pokémon rescued from Workforce GO Rocket make them wonderful glass cannons. Not solely are their stats boosted, however throughout particular occasions, it is potential to vary their strikes. When you occur to have any of the next Pokémon with the suitable moveset, they’ll work very effectively on this Raid:

  • Shadow Tyranitar
  • Shadow Weavile
  • Shadow Scizor
  • Shadow Mismagius
  • Shadow Mewtwo
  • Shadow Houndoom
  • Shadow Pinsir
  • Shadow Cacturne
  • Shadow Shiftry
  • Shadow Absol

Word: Shadow Tyranitar outperform each different Pokémon in the perfect counters checklist. Shadow Weavile, Shadow Scizor, Shadow Mismagius, and Shadow Mewtwo additionally carry out on par with the opposite greatest counters.

What number of gamers does it take to defeat Deoxys?

With the suitable counters, two stage 35+ Trainers can simply beat Deoxys – actually, two stage 25+ gamers can beat Deoxys with the highest counters. If you do not have the perfect counters otherwise you’re decrease stage, it is best to purpose for 4 gamers. Climate situations to bear in mind for Deoxys embrace Windy Climate, which is able to increase Psychic, Partly Cloudy Climate which is able to increase Regular, and Wet Climate which is able to increase Electrical. As to your counters, Ghost and Darkish sort counters are boosted by Fog, and Wet Climate can even increase Bug sort counters.


Do you might have any questions on taking over the Legendary Psychic sort Pokémon Deoxys? Bought any suggestions to your fellow Trainers? Drop them within the feedback under, and make sure you take a look at our Full Pokédex, in addition to our many Pokémon Go Guides so you can also turn into a Pokémon Grasp!

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